The Other Side Of The Rohtak Gang Rape Case

Every other day tons of rape cases are reported from all part of India. India has also become synonyms to ‘Rape Country’ but have we ever tried to know the other side of the story just to double check the facts and delimit the sensationalism of the news.


The infamous Rohtak gang rape case, in which the victim has been allegedly raped twice by the same accused who raped her two years back., The Incident happened on July 13th, when the girl was allegedly abducted from outside her college and gang raped by the same 5 people who had gang raped her in 2013 too. According to the complainant family, they raped her again to teach her a lesson for not dropping the case against them and ignoring the monetary favors they were providing her.


Media has been taking up the case much seriously and broadcasting it 24*7 without even checking the actual facts because they are boring and the woman side story is always good for Some freshly needed TRPs.


Not denying that what they did was wrong in 2013 but now accusing them again with such harsh charges is nothing short of a crime. But after crosschecking few facts by Famous Men rights activist, Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, it looks like a case of the false allegation against men.


Also, the when reportedly the case happened on 13th July, the family of the five accused has told the media that all the victims were at different locations which technically prove’s the girl statement false. families of various accused have come out with CCTV footages that showcase presence of various accused at different places on the day of the alleged crime.


Cctv footage of the accused

CCTV footages which showcase the presence of various accused



The main accused of the incident, Amit has already spent 2.5 years in jail after a court dismissed his false rape case allegations. Also, statement of the girl has been different during the interrogation procedure at different times



Amit’s Uncle “Please hang our son if he is found guilty. But at least look at the evidence that we are giving. I don’t think Amit traveled even for a day to Rohtak after getting his bail. Our son has spent two and a half year in the prison and now we don’t know for how long he will be behind bars. Earlier also these people created pressure in Bhiwani when they recorded their statements again and now also this whole media pressure would make our son rot in Jail for I don’t know how long. All that we can say is – we have been framed in this case.”



“If the boys have committed gang rape on a young woman – they should be given harshest punishment for a crime like this even if it is a death penalty. But if they have not committed the crime they are being alleged of, I hope people have the humanity to quantify the punishment for those who would wrongly implicate someone like this”. Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, independent Journalist investigating the 3-arrested-in-rohtak-gangrape-case-haryana-dgpCase.




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