This Open Letter By This Boy To His Mother On Gender Discrimination Will Make You Cry

As shared by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj.

Boy and girl separating

MOM – You told me NEVER HURT A GIRL YOU TOO HAVE A SISTER. Did you say the same to my sister ? NEVER HURT A BOY YOU TOO HAVE A BROTHER?

I was dating a girl during my college days. She was my first girl friend and i was very rookie in expressing my love. I didn’t know how to make her believe that i am in love with her so Just to express my loyalty i introduced her to my mom telling her that i want to marry this girl.That same night my mom came into my room,looked into my eyes and asked me

Mom: do you really love her” .

Me: yes, very much.

Mom: You are too young to decide that.

Me: But i m old enough to feel that.

Mom: This girl looks very innocent. Promise me you will never ditch her. In case you do just think of your sister. What if someone does same to her.

Me: i took those words very seriously and promised her

Since then my mom considered my girl friend as her daughter. Slowly and Slowly time changed. Our college was over and We both got a job but at two different locations. Our days started ending with rows and arguments. She was becoming very insecure and didn’t want me to talk to any female employee so considering her likes and dislikes I stopped interacting with girls. one day i gave her a surprise visit which made her very delighted. We planned for a movie and later for dinner. My mobile battery was dead so I asked her if I could use her phone. I was about to dial a number, suddenly i saw a message from Surya saying ” but i love you and will always wait for you” . My balls came in my mouth, stars were all around my head. I was shocked. I showed it to her, first she was fumbling and nervous and then she replied in a shaky tone” i was about to tell you that there is a guy in my office who’s following me”. But I am avoiding him and will complain about him in the office tomorrow,she added. I took a long breathe.Later i was convinced with her explanation and it’s all sorted and settled.

Sometimes i used to visit her and sometimes she did. It went on for some years. In btwn There were so many incidents when girls tried to interact with me ( i am average looking guy though). I shared everything with her. She was 26 now and i was 27. She insisted me to get engaged. She spoke to my mom and convinced her too.

We got engaged. After one month I could sense the change in her. She was becoming rude, she started avoiding my calls , telling she is occupied with her office work. One day i got pissed off and decided to give her a surprise visit.

It’s Friday 2nd August 10:37 pm. I rang the bell and hid, I waited for sometime and was abt to give a second try. As soon as i could , a guy came out in a vest asking who’s this. I asked who are you , he replied i m Surya whom you want to see? I went into a flashback, every dot started connecting. I could not speak anything, then she came out and was horrified. I didn’t say anything, tears were dropping ( first time I cried in my life) . World was over for me that day, I don’t know how I reached airport. I was sitting outside the airport the whole night with tears flooding. I don’t remember how i managed to take the flight to my home the next early morning. I don’t remember how I reached home , I didn’t utter a word for 4-5 hours after I reached home. Everyone was worried, my mom was almost fainted looking my condition. They took me to the hospital where doctor admitted me and asked to go through certain tests. He gave me some pills which put me to sleep and I woke up feeling very dizzy and tired, my little cousin told me ” bro you have been sleeping since 2 days ” . My mom asked everyone to give her some time alone with me

Mom: she ( my gf) told me everything. She’s sorry and i am sorry too

Me: You shouldn’t be sorry , you were right i was not mature and was blindly in love. Can i ask you something?

Mom: Yes what is it?

Me: you taught me to never ditch a girl because you have a sister too right?

Mom: yes right. Was I wrong?

Me: no you weren’t wrong. But do you teach my sister the same thing to never ditch a guy because YOU HAVE A BROTHER TOO ?

Mom: tears streaming down her cheeks

I gave her a tight hug. And since then i only love my family and career. I am a successful and renowned engineer now smile emoticon. I recently cleared my entrance exam and will b getting enrolled for my postgraduate course soon hopefully

I know i am bad at writing but I didn’t write to flaunt my English , I just wrote to share my feelings smile emoticon

Edit 1:For those who are asking how to overcome the situation if it happens to someone.

You should be happy that it happened to you because it will teach you a life long lesson. I am sure right now you must be having ample amount of energy after she dumped you. Most people now a days use this energy in committing suicide which is the worst thing to do. You are killing yourself because some else did a mistake.

What you should do?

I started working on myself to make myself better and better so that I could make her realise that she did a blunder to ditch me for someone who stands nowhere in front of me( at present).She left me for someone better, but later she will realise i was the best smile emoticon

Now you know how to love and to what extent you can love someone . I will suggest you to love your family with that same passion and zest. I can assure you they will never ditch you… smile emoticon

Edit 2 : Since most of my friends are asking what i did after. So i should add a little more.

As i was all into sports ( cricket) i never gave importance to my looks.Later some of my friends told me the reason she ditched you might be because she would have found someone good looking. After I broke up, I joined gym, dance classes. I was deeply motivated, energetic and passionate. Now i look little better smile emoticon

PS: The guy is really good looking. This post was shared on Quora and read and commented upon thousand times. I am sharing it here with his permission.

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