TimesNow Fined Rs 50,000 By NBSA For Wrongly Covering ‘Jasleen Kaur’ Case & Ordered To Give Public Apology


Times Now, whose Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami called falsely accused Sikh boy Sarvjeet Singh of being a molestor on public television despite no mention of him touching the girl ‘Jasleen Kaur’ who claimed herself of being a victim has been fined Rs 50,000 and ordered to issue a public apology for the same.

The News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) has ordered the channel to telecast the apology prior to the 9pm news bulletin on 22 March.

So, you could expect to see Times Now broadcasting the following:

“We regret that while reporting the interview of Mr Sarabjit Singh, who is accused of eve-teasing by Ms Jasleen Kaur, on 24.08.2015, we had failed to comply with Code of Ethics and Broadcasting Standards of NBA requiring broadcasters to maintain neutrality, impartiality, accuracy and fairness and also failed to follow the specific guidelines of NBSA relating to reportage of matters under investigation.”


For those who do not know much about the incident, last year, at 24th August 2016, a girl ‘Jasleen Kaur’ who was associated with the Aam Aadmi Party, alleged a biker of eve teasing and filed a police case. The following day, she appeared on many news channels including Times Now, where she said that she was molested. On being asked of how was she molested without physical contact, she changed it’s definition and was supported by Arnab Goswami. Arnab made the face of the accused public and called him a pervert and a molestor.

As per the statement of the accused and the a witness, something of that sort happened and rather it was the girl who was intentionally trying to provoke him to commit the act.

Later onwards it was found that the girl had political connections and it was alleged that she planned the whole incident to get a political mileage.

The statement issued by NBSA is as follows:


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