Trump Protester: I Was Beaten For Holding A ‘Republicans Against Trump’ Sign

Donald Trump was hurriedly taken off stage at a rally in Reno, Nevada, Saturday night in the middle of a speech after someone shouted “gun, he got the gun” Secret Service officials told the media.



No weapon was afterward found; the agency said in a statement released roughly 90 minutes after the incident. The man who was carrying the sign board was punched and kicked in between of the rally.


The man identified as 33-year-old Austyn Crites from Reno told the Guardian he was holding the sign at a rally when Trump supporters wrestled him to the ground.

He said he has been a registered Republican from past six years. He also said that he was kicked, punched and choked, and feared for his life when the crowd turned on him at the gathering in Reno, Nevada.

Crites quoted Trump’s treatment of Mexicans, Muslims, and women as the reason he decided to protest against Trump, who he described as “a textbook version of a dictator.

“I had a sign that said ‘Republicans against Trump’. It is a sign that you can just print off online,” Mr. Crites said.


“And then all of a sudden people next to me are starting to get violent; they’re grabbing at my arm, trying to rip the sign out of my hand,” he said.


Hundreds of people fled to the back of the auditorium in panic as Trump was hurriedly rushed from the stage by his security detail.





A few Moments later after the security check, Trump appeared again on the stage and told the crowd: “Nobody said it was going to be easy but we will never be stopped. We will never be stopped.


Mr. Cites told the media, “My heart still aches for what this nation could potentially do by electing him,” he added. “That hurts me much more than any of this violence.”

“The fact that I got beat up today, that’s just showing what he’s doing to his crowds. But I just want people to understand I’m going to be OK, but now what’s more important is if the country going to be OK? So do your part and vote.”


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