Trump Supporter Poses A Question To All – To Vote Or Not To Vote For Trump

With Trump throwing speeches about what he would do as the future President of US, it is being evident in the recent times that racism is approved by many. And now it is time for a Trump supporter to show his outrage in a proud manner. The racist claimed Donald Trump’s name when he committed the crime. Khondokher Usama wouldn’t have imagined this, when he and his friend were filling fuel in a fuel station in Wichita, Kansas, in the shop called Kwik. A white man was seen abusing a black man. When his attention was diverted to Usama, he started using abusive words at them. “Brown trash go home, Trump will win”, was what he was saying.

Usama’s friend was Hispanic, and this white man wanted him to leave too, and did not want them to live in his country, the USA. But Usama was no man to take obscenities and stood for this hate crime. He called, “this is my country, who are you to tell this?” This infuriated the white man, and it turned out to be violence. The white man started pushing Usama and his friend, and punched the later. Usama was scared when he saw the man approaching his pocket, and feared for weapon and called 911. The white man screamed, “Trump Trump Trump, we will make America great again.”

There are other incidents too when the rallies of Trump ended up people of other skin color, and a few rallies of Trump even turned out to be race wars. But Trump assures that no one was hurt during these violence, but can provokes more violence.

This gives a clear picture of what America will turn out to be if Trump is elected as the President. The Republicans have made sure that the White can rage upon the other races and treat them as slaves. While White House would urge racism, many wouldn’t spare other races in America. It is time to America for think on who their President to be is.

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