Two drug smugglers caught on camera trying to sneak into US by scaling border fence

Two drugs smugglers were caught live on Mexican TV sneaking into the United States from Mexico by climbing 20ft border fence.


A Mexican news team was filming a news story on cross border shootings at Nogales in Arizona when two men were seen scaling over the barriers of US and Mexico. Apparently, the two people were members of drug trafficking organization a.k.a Cartel gangs. Smuggling of drugs by cartel gangs has become a common problem in the Nogales area from over a decade.



As soon as they illegally landed in U.S, they made their way along the fence and one of them made a call on his cellphone. After realising something odd, the pair looked around for some cover and made their way to hide behind some shrubs when they noticed the Mexican Tv crew, filming them.


Journalist Carolina Rocha of Azteca Noticias in Mexico City was in Nogales, Arizona spotted two young men in black t-shirts and jeans climbing down the fence in daylight. The video Footage shows them carrying large backpacks, which seemingly looked like was filled with drugs.



They retaliated back angrily and asked the crew members to stop filming them. And when the crew refused to do so, they again made a call to someone. And hurriedly both ran back to the corner of fence, scaled the railings in a jiffy and went back to the Mexico.


This is not the first time an incident like this has happened, there are about umpteen numbers of ways by which cartel gangs smuggles the drugs in and out.

Last week U.S. border patrol agents found a cross-border pathway – the length of four football fields – filed with a ton of marijuana between a Californian house and a Mexican restaurant.

It is the 75th secret passage between the US and Mexico discovered in the last decade, and the 12th specifically connecting California with America’s southern neighbor.

More tunnels have been found in the area around Otay Mesa, which is near the San Diego crossing.

Border Patrol spokesman Mark Landess said it’s not unusual for smugglers to scale the steel fence, especially around Nogales, which is a busy drug smuggling corridor.


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