Two Girls Set Up Bogus Facebook Page Selling Baby Clothes To Kidnap Newborns From Mothers

Two teenage girls aged 17 and 18 set up a fake Facebook page to steal newborn babies. The counterfeit page offered free children’s clothes to mothers so they could kidnap their babies after attaining their personal information.


One of the teenagers posed as social worker at a home, which she targeted after knowing their personal details through Facebook.


There plan was to whip the children out, and one mother almost had her baby taken in her own home when the ‘social worker’ told her she was taking her baby away for a medical assessment.



Both the girls admitted to the crime at Derby Youth Court on March 14 about conspiring to kidnap babies between September 14 and 23 last year.


They were caught after the mother of one Baby, from Normanton, Derby, called the police on September 21 after one of the girls turned up at her door posing as a social worker and she got suspicious of her activities.



After further investigation it was found that a Facebook page had been set up by the 18-year-old, of Evesham, Worcestershire, and the 17-year-old, of Wolverhampton, West Midlands to trick innocent mothers.


Detective Sergeant Duncan Gouck, of Derbyshire Police, said: ‘It was very harrowing in terms of what could have happened, considering how young the babies were and the impact on the families could have been immense. ‘The team of officers worked tirelessly on it and we put everything else on hold. The defendants were arrested within a week of the report.


It is not clear why they wanted to steal the babies but apparently they wanted to sell them off for money and for this they have been planning this kidnap since long because reports suggest they have selected three different targets.



As soon as the older girl was arrested, she claimed she was pregnant and started knitting cock and bull story but further interrogation revealed she was faking it.





















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