US Elections 2016: Donald Trump Wins The Presidency

In a major setback to The United states of America’s Political stability, Donald Trump wins US presidential election 2016 upsetting almost the whole world around. He was elected the 45th president of the United States over Hillary Clinton.



trump-0He took the stage early Wednesday morning before a riotous crowd of supporters in midtown Manhattan.

The long battle between Republicans and Democrats came to end with such an upsetting result that shook the world in mere a night. He addressed the crowd when he was declared the president of United States of America. He said ,“I just received a call from Secretary Clinton,” he said. “She congratulated us on our victory. And I congratulated her on a hard-fought campaign.”

He also admired Clinton for the hard work she has been doing for the country and told the crowd that “we owe her a major debt of gratitude” for her service to our country.

By early Wednesday, Trump had already won 289 electoral votes and compared to Clinton’s 218. Minnesota, Michigan, and New Hampshire had not been held yet. Though Trump lost in his home state. After a resentfully fought election, Trump delivered a uniting message — he called on all Republicans and Democrats to “come together as one united people” and he vouchsafed “to every citizen that I will be president for all our citizens.”

The US elections polls were all turned upside down after the results as they were all in favor of Clinton until the last day before elections.


The Republican candidate Trump overruled the predictions of pollsters and won essential victories in the key swing states of Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina. However, his victories in Pennsylvania defined his extraordinary win against Clinton which no Republican candidate had won since 1988 and Wisconsin, which lasted, voted for Trump’s party at a presidential election in 1984, which surprised many pundits.


The state of America is in shock all because of the fact that the millennial generation had not voted in favor of Trump but what they are seeing today is a setback of America’s history owing to Trump’s regressive policies and thinking. He is due to take his office in January.



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