Vatican To Appoint New Ambassador To The US

Pope Francis, when he visited the US, had proved that his principles of hope and love can win many hearts. And yes, many people loved him, and his visit was historic. But, there was something bit off the mark too. There hovered a dark cloud after the visit of Pope, which is nothing but his visit with Kim Davis, the County Clerk of Kentucky. Kim Davis was the one who was against and did not issue marriage licenses for those who married the same sex. While Pope Francis met Kim Davis, it has been thrown light that the former had no idea about this meeting. The ambassador who had set up the visit, had kept the Pope in dark about the entire meeting.

The Advocate published that “Italian ArchBishop Carlo Maria Vigano will leave the position of apostolic nuncio, the equivalent of an ambassador, and will be replaced by ArchBishop Christophe Pierre, a French born clergyman, who is currently the nuncio to Mexico, Catholic magazine America reports, citing Sandro Magister, a blogger who covers the Vatican.” It also adds that the new appointment is not yet to be confirmed, as Obama administration has to approve on the same, which is expected around Easter of this year, which is March 27.

The Vatican came up with an official statement last October, that meeting between Pope Francis and Mrs. Kim Davis is not a hint of support. The statement included the fact that the Pope met lots of people on his way to New York from Washington, as per the invitation of the Nunciature.  These papal visits happen because of the kindness and availability of the Pope.

Initially it was interpreted that Pope was supporting the bigotry ways of Kim Davis and also supported her. Vatican took pains to make it clear that it was not the scenario. Hence, to ensure that such episodes never occur in the future, Vatican will be taking a possible step to replace the U.S Vatican ambassador.

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