VIDEO: Horrific Woman Assaults Very Old Mother-In-Law Brutally In Kalkaji Delhi.

An Indian woman was caught on video physically assaulting her elderly mother-in-law. The Sikh Wiki’s Delhi Channel¬†shared the video on their Facebook page showing a woman trying to drag an elderly woman into a room. It’s easy to make the assumption that she would have continued the physical abuse inside the home of the Sikh family located in Kalkaji, New Delhi. Anyone viewing the video can obviously see the frail condition of the elderly woman, so the fact she did not suffer any fatal injury is fairly significant. The only thing that stopped the attack was neighbors intervening to protect the elderly woman.


So, how is it that such an assault goes unpunished? Basically, it’s legal in India. Mother-in-laws are looked upon as abusive, so the government allows women to file charges against their mother-in-laws and send them to jail without questioning.In India, mother-in-laws are considered abusive. This dowry act is rampant throughout India. Even if the elderly woman had tried defending herself, her abuser could have filed rape charges against her husband or sons too.

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