Voters preferred Clinton’s campaign over Trump’s: New Polls

Hillary Clinton had surprisingly lost the election but U.S. voters gave her a better “rank” for how she had led her presidential campaign much better than her rival Donald Trump.
According to a new research recently conducted it was found that half of the voters are happy that Donald Trump is now the president-elect of US whereas an almost equal share of people is unhappy and disappointed with the result. Voters weren’t much exhilarated by his conduct during the campaign, the survey showed.

One-third of those surveyed gave Trump an A or B for his campaign conduct, 19% gave him a C, 15% had him at D. The largest share (35%) failed him. Trump’s “grades” are the lowest for any president-elect in 28 years.


Overall, 56 percent of those polled expects that Trump might have a successful first term.

Almost 9 in 10, around 88 per cent, said they are confident in the type of president Trump will be, and 90 percent expressed confidence in his ability to address important issues in the office.

But Clinton supporters are much less likely to think Trump will be successful.

According to the latest numbers published by the Cook Political Report, on the Day of Election, Clinton got 63,541,056 votes as compared to Trump’s victorious votes 61,864,015 while other candidates received 7,034,595 votes, According to the verified sources, Clinton obtained 48 percent of the popular vote, compared with Trump’s 46.7 per cent.


Since more votes are coming in, it is becoming much clearer just how Clinton managed to win more votes without getting victories in certain key states. The Wall Street Journal  summarized the angle-

Put simply, Mrs. Clinton performed well relative to Barack Obama in states that didn’t matter for the Electoral College because they were states she could count on winning easily or losing badly. In two prime examples, Mrs. Clinton ran up the score in California, which hasn’t voted for a Republican since 1988, and outperformed Mr. Obama in Texas, which last voted for a Democrat in 1976.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump eked out victories in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and won solidly in Iowa and Ohio. All those states voted twice for Mr. Obama.




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