Watch: Bill Maher Endorses Bernie Sanders With A Big ‘F**k Yeah!’

Bill Maher did not mince words in defending Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy during a segment of Real Time with Bill Maher. While all the leftists at the table unanimously backed Sanders’ foreign policy, some were a bit skeptical about him citing his inexperience regarding the foreign issues. MSNBC’s Alex Wagner asked Bill Maher if he was comfortable with the thought of Bernie Sanders in the White House. His exact words were, ”Do you want Bernie Sanders getting off Air Force One, making a deal with foreign policy with…? Do you think he’s at the level that we need?”
To which Bill Maher replied without doubt, “Fuck yeah! The guy who voted right on the Iraq war? Yea, I do.”

Armstrong Williams, an advisor for Ben Carson said that it didn’t actually matter how strong or not Sanders’ foreign policy is because once he becomes the President he would be surrounded by experts.
According to Maher that would be good enough for Carson, who once repeatedly and publicly referred to Hamsa as ‘Hummus’ and also kept talking about forming a coalition of Arab Nations in order to fight the Islamic State. But when he was asked about what nations would he like to have as a part of this coalition, he was not able to name a single one.

h/t: Addicting Info.

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