What Obama Said On Trump & His Party

President Obama has always proved his mettle, and why he is the most valuable treasure for Democratic Party is a known secret. He has again proved it, with his preview of what we can expect from Obama when it comes to Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. President Obama had mentioned in Austin, Texas, that the show and tell session of Trump is merely, “a debate inside of other party is a fantasy,  …… and selling stuff like it’s a home shopping network.”

Earlier, the Republican Party has made a statement that they are very surprised to know that Trump has gained so much of hatred. The hatred is generally because of the fact that he made anti-muslim and anti-immigrant statement. Obama, also mocked them. He enunciated that Trump and his party must have known for sure that Obama was born in Kenya, and they were fine until the statement was directed towards him. “it was hoot…. Suddenly they are shocked.”

He also said, what Trump says and behaves is a proof that how the party has been for decades. The party was against compromise, and not for science. They deny science and compromise is betrayal for the Republican Party. They never take what the other side has to offer, and simply consider the rest wrong, for the very reason, they do not belong to their party. But, Obama said, he and his party disagrees with all these. They have been treasonous to the country, and in fact are paving for its destruction. When someone has other better methods, they are shocked and surprised, said Obama.

He added, “The reaction is something they have to take responsibility for and then make an adjustment.” Now, it has been clear that Obama would rip Trump, and make sure he falls this Fall.

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