Why Justin Trudeau Calls Himself A Feminist

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is currently in New York attending the United Nations Summit. During this summit, Trudeau expressed why he would love to call himself a feminist. He states he would keep saying that he is a feminist till it is answered by a shrug, meaning that until it becomes something ordinary. He enunciated, “Why does every time I say I’m a feminist, the twitterverse explodes, and the news media pick it up. It shouldn’t be something that creates a reaction. It simply is saying.” He also continued that it is the responsibility of the leaders to create societies that are equal for men and women.

October 2015 was when Trudeau won the elections and made a stunning comeback from being third in the polls. He took up a great and popular decision of appointing his cabinet with men and women in equal numbers. When he was asked why he did so, he replied simply that it is 2015, and the world needed to be empowered by women. He also urged the world leaders to follow the suit of Canada in appointing the cabinet members. He also told the crowd that if the current parliamentary and constitution set ups are not allowing them to appoint more women, or to follow Canada’s cabinet, he asked what they do to change and bring in competent women to the cabinet.

He belongs to the Liberal Party, and won the majority in the Parliament of Canada. The polls saw the voting percentage increase by 7.8 and turned out to be 68.5%. His campaign included increasing taxes of the wealthy, and improving the infrastructure in a dramatic way. He also welcomed the Syrian refugees to Canada.

Trudeau met Obama last week to improve ties between US and Canada. Predecessor of Trudeau, Stephen Harper, is a violent supporter of oil industry. While Trudeau supports climate change, Harper did not share the values.

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