Woman Accused Of Making False Rape Charge On Man

A woman falsely accused a man of raping her in a log cabin off 5th Street Road has been arrested and charged with perjury over falsely reporting of an emergency, according to court documents and Cabell County Sheriff Tom McComas.


The authorities arrested her after her rape claim turns out to be fabricated. According the criminal complaint, the woman had been staying at the man’s home, and she made-up the whole incident in retaliation for him making her leave and no longer allowing her to stay at his home. McComas said the false accusation tied up police and hospital resources that could have been used in legitimate situations.



According to the 18-year-old woman’s fabricated story, she had taken a lift from an unknown man on Monday night while walking on 5th Street Road south of Huntington. She said she was taken to a residence and forced to consume alcohol and drugs before being raped.


She claims that she herself went to Cabell Huntington Hospital from the residence when he was asleep where she communicated with the police but she left before a rape kit could be completed and medical examination the rape could be conducted. The criminal complaint filed by her says that she contacted the man, who she accused of raping her, myriad times after the purported rape occurred asking for him to come pick her up.


She was transported to the Western Regional Jail Thursday afternoon on a $10,000 bond after the she was accused in the prejury case.


Her accusations fell back on her after further investigation by the police proved that she just made up the story by herself after the man who helped her to stay at his place for the time being threw out of his house after she failed to find any accommodation on her own.


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