Woman Arestted by Police For Blackmailing A Man On False Rape Charge

A woman has been arrested by police for falsely implicating rape charge against an ashram owner in a bid to extort money from him.

She along with one of her associate had been threatening and blackmailing the 62-year-old man who hails from Ashram in Mota Varacha area of the city.

According to the police officer, Bijal Patel, the accused woman, and her associate Ramji H Chodwadia, constructed out a plan with the sole intention to blackmail Parbat Wagasia, who runs Anand Dhara Ashram in Mota Varacha. They prepared a false complaint of rape against the man and demanded from Rs 50 lakh from between the time period of June 24 to July 05.

“The lady advocate made a number of fake documents and applications for the women’s police station and put pressure on the complainant to pay up the demanded amount.” said a police official.




Bijal Patel called her 20 times a day and blackmailed him with morphed photographs to extract out money. She even took the case to the police but her case backfired when police started investigating the matter and found out her case to be false. The 62-year-old man then filed a case against her and police arrested her.


“However, upon inquiry, we found that the woman who was allegedly raped by Wagasia refused any such happening and called it a fake affair.” said HS Purani, police inspector of Amroli police.


The ordeal that old man has gone through is not explainable because Our Indian laws don’t consider man as the victim. Police didn’t take his side in the initial times and gave full support to Bijal Considering she is a woman and ought to be right. But as the case unfolded, the man was proven innocent whereas as the lady was at fault.


After registering the case under IPC 384, 389, and 114, police arrested Bijal Patel. Police have also arrested the other accused on Wednesday evening.


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