Woman Dumps Boyfriend After She discovered That His Family Wasn’t Well Off.

A 27-year-old woman from Shanghai, China dumped her boyfriend after she went to his family home, and learned that they weren’t well off enough and didn’t match her standard of living.



The woman took to her social media account to justify her actions and why she left her boyfriend of one year. While the good-looking, hard-working guy had been treating her well, she felt he was just too poor for her.

According to the posts she made, she claims to come from a well-off family in Shanghai, while her boyfriend’s parents are farmers in a village in the Jiangxi province. She also said that her parents had raised concerns initially that her boyfriend was not a good match for her, but she continued to date him for a year but later dumped him knowing his full status.


The wealth disparity between the two led to an abrupt end, which became too clear during her visit to his hometown for Chinese New Year over the weekend.

Netizens all over the china reacted to her post and disgraced her for her immodesty.

The woman’s lengthy post on social media caused quite a fuss amongst Chinese netizens. Some also said they could relate to her predicament, but most were outraged by her audacity and arrogance.

“Breaking up is not a problem, but you should still respect others, I feel like this woman looks down on farmers,” one commenter said.

Others called her out on being too proud and that she was suffering from “princess syndrome.” People also commented that she should have at least thought about the time she has spent with him for one year and if status was so important she shouldn’t have started the relationship.

The woman said she doesn’t have any qualm about her decision and believes that love can happen again but Standard is something i will look for next time if i date anyone.




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