Woman Fires Several Shot At Vehicle, Injuring A 6-Year-Old Girl

A woman in Oroville was arrested by the sheriffs on Saturday after she allegedly shot a 6-year-old girl in South Sacramento, according to the Sheriff’s Department.




The horrifying incident happened on July 26 at about 7:20 pm on Fruitridge Road and Lawrence Drive when 21-year-old Adreiona Taylor fired numerous shots at a vehicle near to her. A 6-year-old was injured in the arm while she fired shots at the vehicle. The 6-year-old was the passenger in the car with her mother who was driving the car through an intersection. Several shots were fired, hitting the car.


The girl was immediately taken to the hospital and the sheriff’s department called her injuries non-life threatening. But her arm was injured during the firing.



According to officials at the Sheriff department, they discovered that Taylor and the child’s mother were an acquaintance and had some arguments before the shooting happened critically injuring the child of the mother. Authorities are still searching for the driver of the vehicle; Taylor was riding in when she fired the shots. The car is described as a white, ’90s model sedan.

Taylor was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and booked into the Sacramento County Jail. Also, she is not ineligible for any bail.


Taylor then confessed after her arrest that she had some arguments with the mother of the girl over parking and when she tried to put her point out, she fired guns. Mother of the victim child left the place where they both argued and she followed them to fire shots at the vehicle. She told the officers, she was so filled with anger that she wished to kill the lady but she hid down the seat. the girl was accidently injured but is now safe and recovering at a nearby hospital


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