Woman Given Life Sentence For Killing Husband After He Refused To Have Sex

A sessional court on Monday has sentenced a woman to life imprisonment, as she was held guilty of killing her husband because he refused to have sex with her. The incident happened in 2013.

54-year-old Vimla Vaghela has been convicted in the murder case of her husband.  According to case details, Vimla and her husband Narsinh were alone at their home in Noblenagar in Sardarnagar locality during an afternoon on November 2, 2013, when the incident happen. Both the children were out for work.


The report filed against the woman claimed that after her husband was tired and refused to have sex with her, which infuriated her. She fought with him over the matter before killing him in anger.

She also doubted her husband’s fidelity and accused him of having an extra-marital relationship because he was constantly refusing sex with her since long. In a fit of rage, she picked up a stick and started beating her husband on his head. He died because of multiple injuries sustained by the beatings.


According to the reports, just after the murder, the woman locked up her house and went to Sardarnagar police station and informed police about her husband’s death. She became the appellant in this case and tried to divert police attention towards making it look like a robbery case.


Police started it’s investigation in the matter on a serious as they didn’t believe the woman’s claims. And, It was later revealed that she was the murderer of her husband when she had given different answers on different occasions when police interrogated her. Later, she confessed to the crime when she saw no option. She was arrested and a charge sheet was filed against her on the same. The court has given her life imprisonment for the cold-blooded murder of her husband and also fined her Rs. 2000. ¬†On default of payment, the convict will have to serve a further six months, sources said.



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