Woman Killed Her Teen Daughter Over Sex

A Woman in her thirties killed her daughter by beating her with an electric cable over her early indulgence in sex and hard drugs.

The incident happened in Kwekwe, a city in central Zimbabwe. According to the reports, Vimbai Mashiri in a fit of rage used a two meters long black electric cable to thrash her daughter to teach her a lesson for all her wrong-doings. But later the girl succumb to the fatal injuries. She believed that her 14-year-old daughter, Thelma, was sexually active and was xve52xj19xjlpcq7aoqhdoing hard drugs. Her accusation has not been proven true as per the investigations till now.


“The now deceased was beaten all over the body with an electric code resulting in her sustaining bruises and most of her body turning black,” according to a report prepared by the prosecution in the court.

She has apparently applied to the court for bail but the prosecutors have advised against granting her bail, warning that she was suicidal and had received threats to physically harm her from her in-laws.


Mashiri is alleged to have been angry after discovering that Thelma was indulging in sex and not sleeping at home. She had also become addicted to hard drugs which made her took the extreme step.


Investigations are going on and her husband has not been available for any comments as he is too shocked to react over the matter.


‘Mashiri called an ambulance after assaulting her daughter thinking that she was unconscious, but the ambulance crew pronounced her dead on arrival’, one of the neighbors of Mashiri told the state media.


After realizing that her daughter was dead she confessed and handed herself to the police.

According to the Media reports, “Mashiri’s husband is a kombi driver and on that night he was not home,” Her father wasn’t available for any comments.


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