Woman Kills Husband After an Argument

A 40-year-old man died after his wife allegedly threw boiling water on him and battered him with a cricket bat while he was sleeping in Sadar Kotwali area. The 40-year-old sustained many injuries and died during the treatment.




According to the reports, 40-year-Old Bhure Singh, was an alcoholic and he had an argument with his wife Rekha yesterday afternoon on some issue. She fought with her and went off to sleep outside the house.


Rekha became angry and decided to end his life. While he was asleep at night, she boiled some water and threw the bucket filled with it on him. Before he could react she again attacked him with a cricket bat and smashed him everywhere.




Bhure neighbours and Singh’s brother rushed to his help when he was crying for help. He was then taken to the hospital. He was kept in an emergency but he succumbed to his injuries later in the evening.


The woman has been taken into custody and when proven guilty, could be jailed up to life-term because of the severity of the crime she committed, SSP Sunil Saxena told the local media.



Few of the neighbors told the police that they both were always loggerheads with each other, fighting every day over trivial issues. But no one could believe that something could happen like this.


Rekha seemed unaffected by the incident and felt no shame in killing her husband. They both had no child and this was also one of the reasons for Rekha’s decision to kill her husband. pot


Bhure Singh’s and Rekha’s Family was informed about the incident and they rushed to the spot from their native places.


The burnt body bore many marks, especially on the face and neck. It has been sent for post-mortem for further investigation, the SSP added.


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