Woman Makes A False Rape Allegation So Police Can Give Her A Lift Home

A woman in a rare incident falsely claimed that she had been raped so that she could get a lift from police to her home in Ireland.  She did this twice in a span of one year.

Christina Dowie at Ennis Court. NO BYLINE PLEASE (Gordon Deegan has story on flse Rape Claim)

Christina Dowie at Court.

47-year-old Christina Dowie was found guilty by Judge Patrick Durcan for making a false report of rape in two phone calls to the emergency services on March 18 last year.

Judge, Patrick Durcan described her actions on the night “reprehensible” and “unacceptable.” she was given a suspended six-month jail term and was fined too.

According to the Irish Mirror, she made the calls in order for Irish police to give a lift back to her home in Shannon, Ireland  from Sixmilebridge – five miles away.

The judge said: “All she wanted was to use the Garda as a cheap mode of transport. Ms. Dowie – who had been drinking to celebrate St Patrick’s Day – made two false rape claims in calls to misuse the emergency services for her own benefit.”

She, very meticulously planned and acted in her own bit of drama. She called the Emergency services and said: “I was raped and my boyfriend watched it.”


Recordings of both emergency calls were played in court. Two police officials hurried to her boyfriend’s house and found Ms. Dowie had her bags packed at the door and was waiting for the police van which she misused as a lift to home.

An Ambulance was also called but she refused to go in the Ambulance.

In evidence, Sgt Ann-Marie Starr said: “Ms. Dowie refused to go in the ambulance because the ambulance wouldn’t take her dog and I was there when she asked them to leave as they were of no benefit to her.”

Sgt Starr said: “She just wanted to be taken and driven back to Shannon.”






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