Woman Murders Husband With The help Of Her Lover

25-year-old textile weaving unit owner Dishit Jariwala, was found murdered in his home at posh Parle Point area on Monday night and with jewellery worth over Rs 60,000 worn by his wife was looted. The case was as simple as any common robbery case for police but the final investigation ruled out every robbery angle and suggested insider’s role.



The scene exactly came out of the Bollywood scene; it was Mr. Dishit’s wife who did all the planning and plotting with her ex-boyfriend to kill her husband.
According to the police, Dishit’s wife Velsee had an affair with Suketu, but they both could not marry due to social issues. For the time being, Velsee married Dishit and Suketu also got married to another girl.. Velsee and Suketu were in constant contact with each other even after marrying different partners.


Suketu’s marriage life was troubled, while on the other hand, Velsee was also not happy with her married life with Dishit. Finally, they both decided to kill Darshit.


Velsee met Suketu on Monday morning and told him to kill Dishit at the evening because she wanted to start a new life with him. Suketu came to Velsee’s home after 9pm on Monday with his driver and killed Dishit. After the incident, they made sure the case looked like a robbery case. However, the police solved the case after circumstantial evidence proved the Dishit’s wife as the main culprit.

The couple has one-year-old daughter. The police have arrested Suketu, Velsee and Suketu’s driver.


Velsee initiated the whole planning because she wasn’t happy with her husband and wanted to get rid of him and get back to his ex-lover.


Dishit and his family run textile weaving units on Ved Road and Rudarpura area of the city. Jariwala family is one of the reputed textile business families of Surat.



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