Woman Shoots Estranged Husband Before Killing Self

A woman killed her husband in front of her two children before shooting herself to death in Cocoa. This murder-suicide case has shocked the neighbors.


37-year-old, Adrian Hudson was shot dead in his mother’s South Georgia Avenue home.

Police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez said that the couple reportedly separated few months back. She wanted to get back with him but he refused which might have ignited the fight between them.


She confronted her husband in front of her two daughters aged 7 and 10 from previous relationship and Adrian Hudson’s mother.


But when he refused she pulled out a gun and shot him in his head which killed him on the spot. The little girls ran out to neighbours for help and Adrian mother’s called 911.


“The little girls came over saying that their dad had been shot,” the neighbor told a 911 correspondent as cries echoed behind him.


Aurora Hudson followed her children and asking the neighbors to give her children back, police said. The neighbor denied her request and thereafter Aurora Hudson got into her car and drove away from that place.She went went to pick her older son up from Rockledge High School.


“She was in tears telling her son what she had done,” Det. Branda Marchica said in a statement. “She dropped him off and told him she was not going to prison.”


As soon as she dropped her son off at Washington Avenue and Pomolo Street, police spotted her and followed her till she reached Lee Wenner Park. But when she realised that it was nowhere she could escaped herself she shot herself with the gun and her car rolled down in the Indian river.


‘Police pulled Aurora Hudson out of the car. She was pronounced dead of a self-inflicted gunshot near the river. Neighbors told police the couple got into a physical fight a few days before the killing. Nobody reported the fight to authorities’, Martinez said.


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