Woman Stabbed Her Boyfriend To Death Over Infidelity

A woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death over infidelity issue  in Eldoret area in Kenya.


20-year-old Brenda Nyongesa reportedly stabbed 32-year-old Ibrahim Onyango in the ribs, that killed him on the spot. She accused him of cheating on her with some other girl.

Eldoret West Officer Commanding Police Division Samuel Mutunga confirmed the incident that occurred at Kamukunji slums on the outskirts of Eldoret Town, stating that the couple had an argument overt the same but the girl overpowered him and later stabbed him to death.

“I visited the scene with my officers and found the man already dead with the woman sitting next to the body, holding a knife,” Mr. Mutunga told the Nation.

The woman is now in Police Custody and the body has been sent for post-mortem for further investigation.



They both had a huge fight verbally before the tiff turned fatal for the boy who was brutally stabbed by her girlfriend.


Ibrahim’s friends told the police that Nyongesa was a possessive girlfriend and used to keep an eye on him every second. He loved her immensely but her short-tempered attribute killed him.


According to his friends, he never cheated on her but she had a problem with his every female friend.


They both were set to tie the knot next year after being in the courtship for over two years.



There is a sudden rise in such incidents where the ‘love rage’ among young couples is killing each other over infidelity. On March 22, a Fourth Year university student died after he was stabbed several times by a fellow student in an alleged love triangle. Also last year, during the same time, o0la 21-year-old student at Moi University’s West Campus was beaten to death by her boyfriend, a student at another university. The man was then lynched by a mob.




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