Woman throttled Mother-In-Law Before Committing Suicide

A Woman has allegedly killed her mother-in-law before committing suicide. At first, it seemed like the both of them had committed suicide but after further investigations, it came out that her Daughter-in-law killed her.


The police have verified the statement of the neighbours and husband of the woman and have confirmed that the two women, who used to live in a house in Matunga, had stressed relations since 10 years. They both didn’t share the good relationship which was the reason for the brutal murder.


The incident came to light Thursday morning at Jai Hanuman Cooperative society opposite Ruparel college in Matunga when the 14-year-old son of 42-year-old Akshata Kangutkar found the bodies of his mother and 70-year-old grandmother after he woke up around 9am. He then called up his father and informed him about their bodies. Father then later alerted the police. According to the police, it was formerly believed that both women committed suicide. However, the post-mortem revealed that Akshata strangled Usha to death before killing herself.



Akshata used to torture her mother-in-law a lot and she always wanted to kick her out of the house but her husband refused to leave her mother at any cost but he never knew her wife would take such step to get rid of her. Usha’s Son and Akshata’s husband has been in a state of shock ever since the incident has happened.


He told the police in his statement said ever since they got married in 2000, Akshata and Usha were having problems over trivial issues. They were always loggerheads with each other. Every other day they had a fight which neighbor at times used to resolve by intervening in their matters.

“We suspected that on Thursday morning they had another major fight that led to Akshata killing Usha before killing herself,” said the police.



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