Woman given life sentence for killing husband



A woman in her thirties smothered her husband to death with the help of her paramour. Wife has been given life sentence by additional district and sessions judge Vishnu Chandra Yadav on Friday. A fine of Rs 10,000 has been imposed on her. Her lover who provided equal aid in planning and plotting of the murder has been sentenced to four years jail with a fine of Rs 4,000.


Asha Singh, mother of two daughters killed her husband Hari Ram Verma with the help of Sanjay Yadav, a resident of Chakeri. The murder took place at night on December 18, 2005 at Bangali Mohal, where Asha lived with her husband and two daughters.



On December 19, when some one called Hari Ram Verma and nobody opened the main gate after which his murder came to light.


It was Asha and Hari Singh’s 10-year-daughter who unfolded many questions and gave evidence against her mother, which later helped the police to find the culprit.

Hari Ram’s mother Vimla Devi, who lived on second flood of the same buliding came down and found that hands and legs of Asha Devi were tied and mouth was stuffed with cloth. She unbounded Asha Devi and asked her what happened and she made up a story of three unidentified men who came to their house and overpowered her later killing Hari Singh.


But during further investigation, Younger daughter of Asha told police that Sanjay Yadav came at night. She and younger sister were sleeping in the kitchen. She awoke when Sanjay’s foot fall over her. Shivangi saw that Sanjay was carrying a blood stained knife and blood stains were on his hands and clothes.


She also told that her mother and Sanjay scolded her and asked her to sleep when she woke up.


Shivangi’s statement was recorded in front of video camera and she gave the same statement before the court.




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