Youth Killed By Mob After Mistakenly Identified As A Rapist

Around 10 villagers were arrested and many others have been named as accused of lynching a youth reportedly mistaking him for having murdered a girl, who people say he was in love with before.



But everything turned upside down when police discovered later that the boy had rushed to rescue the girl rather than killing who called him up before committing suicide.


The incident occurred at Adavuladeevi village of Nizampatnam block in Guntur district on Sunday.


Vemula Sri Sai the victim who was mistakenly killed by the people was called by

The girl, who is identified as Shaik Jasmine, had called up the youth, around 11am, informing only him that she was going to kill herself as her marriage fixed for the next month was totally against her wishes. She called him and told the same.



At present,the situation has gone out of control with both the families staging agitations seeking justice, resulting in enforcement of restrictions under section 144 of the CrPC.


According to the police, sai, along with his friend Kuna Pavan Kumar, rushed to her house, but, Jasmin had already hung herself. Seeing Sai and Pavan, Jasmin’s brother Shaik Sadullah suspected that they had raped and strangulated her to death. Neighbours responded to his alarm and stripped, thrashed them before being paraded on the streets.

“Sai succumbed to his injuries on the way to the hospital,” said inspector P Penchalaiah, who is investigating the case. He also stated that Kumar is still recuperating. However, Sai’s mother, Leela, alleged, “Sai would have survived if the police did not kill time enquiring in the village.”


Murder cases have been registered against Sadullah and several villagers.

But to the shock, the girl’s family has also filed a rape case against Sai, allegedly stating that he has raped the girl before killing him.

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